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"Lisa was my midwife for my second child's birth. This was my first home birth, with my son being born in a hospital 8 years prior. My husband and I felt instantly at ease with Lisa, and knew that we were making the right decision to have a home birth. Lisa was very accommodating working with our schedules and answering any and all questions that we had.  My main concern at the time was my age; I was 34 at the time of my daughter’s birth. Lisa assured me that my age was fine, and that I was healthy and had a low risk pregnancy.  We decided to ultimately have a water birth. The experience couldn't have been better. Lisa and her assistant Emily helped me to deliver a healthy baby girl from the comfort of my living room. I was not particularly hungry after birth, but Lisa insisted that I eat, as my body obviously went through a lot of stress. One of my fondest memories of this experience was that Lisa made my husband and I some of the best-scrambled eggs that we have ever had! Lisa is funny, down to earth, and extremely knowledgeable. I felt safe and cared for during the entire process.  Know that you and your soon to be child will be in good hands with her."

~ Danielle

"Words cannot express how nostalgic my two home births with Lisa are to me.  After having two hospital births in Williamsport I desperately searched for someone who supported my desire to have minimal intervention births.  Meeting Lisa was an answer to prayer.  I loved going to the prenatal appointments and getting pampered for an hour.  It was very obvious that she fully trusted my instincts and respected my family's values.  I also appreciated how kind Lisa was toward my husband and included him as much as possible. Lisa and her assistants brought calmness into our home when I was in labor.  Their presence was very reassuring.  With my last birth, I was bleeding more than normal after my son was born.  Lisa worked calmly and quickly to get my bleeding under control without making me feel panicked.  My favorite part of the whole home birth experience was the postnatal visits.  It was like having a mother come by to check on my baby and me.  Lisa always went out of her way to go the extra mile.  I would have ten more babies just to experience Lisa's care again."

~ Jana Christianson

"As a husband watching his wife going through childbirth it comes with a weight of concern.  I care for the wellbeing being of my wife and children.  My first two children were born in the hospital through the typical modern means.  I experienced the plethora of nurses, doctors and the stress of the hospital setting; as well as everything leading up to the birth in the hospital.  After our second child was born both my wife and I had a great desire to find something different.  That search led us to Lisa for our third and fourth child. Lisa was personal and took time to get to know my family.  The personal touch was like night and day compared to our previous experience.  Because of this I trusted Lisa, something that I was never able to say about previous doctors or nurses. While this was foundational there was actually something else pivotal to our experience with Lisa as our midwife.  She was encouraging and positive. She spoke highly of the natural ability of childbirth and encouraged my wife to be knowledgeable but also confident.  When questions would be asked Lisa was knowledgeable in her answers and was quick to point us to other resources that proved her answers to be correct.  She was also humble when she was not certain about a question and would put in the work to find the answer.  When it came to things of preference she was very willing to work with the needs and desires of my wife and I.  We lived 45min away from Lisa so her timing at the birth was a bit of concern for me as the husband.  But both times Lisa quickly made herself at home and was prepared and energetic bringing a sense of confident peace to the house during the birth.  Trust was a huge factor for me and I fully trusted Lisa. "   

~ Nathan Christianson

“Dear Lisa,, From the first day I met you I felt you would be an amazing midwife for Emily and Tony’s homebirth.  Your knowledge, confidence, and wisdom SHINE!  I will never experience anything again as wonderful as Bowie’s birth in our home.  Your guidance that day/evening will be a memory I cherish.  Peace and Love."

~ Ann, A First Time Grandmother

“Choosing homebirth as the avenue for welcoming our three children was the best decision ever! Having Lisa as our midwife - her calm and knowledgeable presence - gave me peace during the birthing process and beyond. To birth in familiar spaces, to feel comfortable and protected, to know that complications would be recognized and dealt with accordingly, to have personal and proficient prenatal and postnatal care for myself and my baby - SO WORTH IT.”

~ Naomi

In 2017, I had a c-section with my first pregnancy, due to a placenta previa. Lisa took care of my pre-natal care for the majority of the pregnancy, and then she handled the entirety of my post-partum care after the c-section. Our son is a healthy 3-year-old, and I have no regrets over any aspect of the pregnancy and delivery, due in part to Lisa's effort to make sure I worked towards a healthy pregnancy despite the placenta previa and that I was prepared to deal with the hospital procedures and staff. 

We wanted to work with Lisa during future pregnancies after being assured that a VBAC would be fine. In 2019 I was pregnant with our second child and found myself bleeding heavily at times during the first trimester. The first time I bled heavily, Lisa responded to my text with a call and talked me through what to expect in a miscarriage. I was so grateful for her compassion and empathy at that time. Thankfully, I did not lose the baby and continued on through the pregnancy.

When the baby came in January 2020, the labor lasted between 6-7 hours and was very intense (for me). Lisa arrived about 1/2 way through the labor and very calmly and efficiently helped prepare things and helped to coach me. The way our daughter twisted and spun her way out tore me badly and I got quite a few stitches from it. I also hemorrhaged after delivering the placenta, but thanks to Lisa's competency both situations were kept under control and it wasn't trauma-inducing for me. Our daughter is now 10 months-old and is happy and healthy.


My husband and I heartily recommend homebirth and Lisa's services specifically to our expectant friends. We live in Williamsport, PA so the trip to Lisa's offices are about 1 hour away, but it is so worth it. Also, I love being able to access her via text or call and hearing back from her almost immediately.”

~ Sarah

When I first found out I was pregnant I was over the moon excited. But quickly found my mind flooded with anxiety. I knew nothing about having a baby and I had SO many questions. I started by calling our local hospital's OBGYN office and got a few appointments set up and I hated it. Every time the nurse or midwife came into the room, they were out of breath, seemed very rushed and the appointment never lasted for more than 5 minutes if that. I quickly knew this wasn’t going to work for me and that’s when I found Lisa. Oh man! Thank God for her! She truly made my first pregnancy journey fantastic. The first day I met with her she explained her process and how she blocks out an hour for each apt. I remember thinking to myself... an hour? What could possibly take so long? The appointment itself is fast. But Lisa is SO easy to talk to and conversation is very easy and always interesting. She made me feel very comfortable with asking any questions I could possibly think of (and boy did I have questions)! My favorite thing about Lisa and her care for me was that she never once made me feel pressured to make a decision.

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She answered every single question honestly and did a really good job at not making me feel like I had to agree with what she was saying (even though I always did ). Lisa made my first childbirth the most amazing, beautiful, and empowering day ever I have ever had. One I wish I could repeat over and over. I could sit here and keep going on and on about how much I appreciate and value her services but I will just leave it at this: Lisa is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. She listens to you whole heartedly and always has your family’s best interest in mind. I can’t wait for my second baby so I get to experience this all over again!

~ Jacqueline

Homebirth Cesarean Experience 


Our birth experience with Lisa Beherec was an incredible journey. From our endeavor with homebirth to hospital-birth to cesarean section surgery, we could not have done it without our guide, Lisa. Her presence is calming, and her demeanor is assuring. The quality of care is transcendent. Our home birth stage of labor was a beautiful process and Lisa had a perfect intuition on the balance of encouragement, analysis, and relaxation. Lisa knows how to read the room and does a tremendous job on working with you to match your birth plan. We really wanted to have a homebirth, but our baby gal had plans of her own. There was no emergency but after ~30 hours of labor, a group decision was made to transfer to the hospital. It was incredibly helpful to have Lisa at our side through this process because we were not as prepared for this scenario. We were lucky enough to be assigned veteran staff to our Labor and Delivery room, who were amenable to suggestions and input from Lisa. This enabled us to continue to try approaches that more closely aligned to the hypno-breathing/spinning babies style approach to labor. However, after another ~10 hours of labor in the hospital, a unanimous decision was made that all possible means for a vaginal birth had been given optimum effort and 40 hours of labor without meeting our baby meant it was time to transition to surgery. This was very hard news for us, but Lisa never left our side. In that moment, she was more than a midwife, she was a sister, a doula, a friend to lean on, strength. Lisa was there after the surgery and continued to be an incredible asset to our family unit. She even went back to our home to help clean up while we were recovering in the hospital. I felt so supported and comfortable with Lisa- I put total faith in her knowledge and expertise to guide me through both pregnancy and birth and she was there each step in our journey even in times of uncertainty. Any birth is a memorable occasion, but Lisa was a critical component to making this a beautiful human experience for our family. We will never forget the high level of care and connection we received and are so grateful to have had her in our homebirth cesarean experience. 


~ Steph & Max Wetherington

When we decided that a homebirth was the only option for our family, finding Lisa was a relief.  She is experienced and manages to maintain professionalism while letting you feel like a longtime friend under her care.  I would do it all over again, without question.

~ Gerria
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